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We at Living Sounds Audio are musicians and music lovers, so we design our speakers and integrated amplifiers in that spirit - to convey the essence of music. Our organic sound seems to soothe even the most hardened audiophiles, and has an immediate appeal to music lovers who would otherwise find hair-splitting A-B comparisons quite daunting. You can always expect that anything we put our name on sounds like music.

Our goal is to offer beautiful sound in a beautiful package while avoiding the farthest reaches of the price spectrum. We do this not by employing the latest and greatest esoterica, but by listening and properly matching quality components.

Seamless integration of the various drivers, and dynamic, uncompressed midrange are characteristic of all of our speakers, bringing vocals and instruments alive in your home. Our our line of tube/solid state hybrid integrated amplifiers are robust and afford effortless detail for music you can listen to for hours. All of our speakers and amplifiers are available in Standard, Signature and Statement editions.

Please contact one of our dealers for an audition. We think you'll agree with our design philosophy - Music First Engineering.