LSA1 Monitor - Standard, Signature and Statement Editions

"...more than convincing, they were inspiring..." - Jim Darby, Stereomojo Editor

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LSA1 Standard Edition - $1299/pr

'Suspension of Disbelief' is a term used to describe the relationship between art and the beholder.

When the beholder - say, a movie-goer - is unhindered by distractions such as performance flaws, plot holes or less-than-convincing acting, the viewer begins to believe that they are experiencing something which is real.

If the performer can create such a setting, the result is an utterly captivated audience for whom time has no meaning.

In audio, we know we have accomplished this when the listener ceases to shift about in their chair, scrutinizing the entire experience. Instead, they relax, close their eyes and forget where they are. They are drawn into the musical experience.

We feel we have accomplished this with the LSA1 Monitors.

The LSA1's offer explosively dynamic musical performance, the likes of which is rare even among the finest monitor speakers.

The silk dome tweeter and treated paper mid-bass driver operate in their optimal ranges, resulting in an unstrained, airy performance that listeners can enjoy for extended sessions.

The LSA1's convey vocals and instruments with the startling realism one might expect from a speaker costing two or three times their price. The effect is an emotionally involving musical experience.

Or, you could call it believable.

LSA1 Signature - $1799/pr

In the Signature Edition of the LSA1 Monitors, John Tucker (our VP and Chief Engineer) performs modifications by hand., including:

  • Upgrade tweeter to Vifa dual ring radiator, flat frequency response past 35 KHz.
  • Upgrade crossover capacitors to Dynamicap metalized polypropylene
  • Upgrade acoustic treatments inside cabinet from synthetic polyfill to lamb's wool

The Signature monitors are an improvement on what is already a great success in the world of loudspeakers. While the external appearance is the same, performance is not. Increased clarity, openness, bass definition, and inner detail are immediately apparent.

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LSA1 Statement - $2799/pr

Heralded as one of the best monitor speakers available under $3000/pr, the LSA1 Statements are a musical work of art.

Starting with the crossover, we upgrade all capacitors to Dynamicap metalized polypropylene caps, upgrade all resistors to Mills wire wound, and additionaly upgrade the crossover's inductor to a massive 12 gauge air-core ribbon inductor. The higher current capability of the inductor speeds up the response time of the woofer, yielding better dynamics and more control of low frequencies, enabling the Statements to deliver convincing bass down to and below 40 cycles.

To top it all off, we then replace the fabric dome tweeter with a folded ribbon design made by Aurum Cantus. Our design team spent countless hours performing measurements and listening tests while incorporating this tweeter. Integration is seamless. High frequency performance is detailed, effortless and extended flat to 40kHz.

The Statement monitors convey music in its most natural and uninhibited form - always detailed, engaging, and supremely organic. Several patrons have reported loss of sleep as a 'side effect' of ownership, due to extended evening listening sessions. We receive this as the music lover's highest form of praise.

Please listen responsibly.

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LSA resevers the right to change parts and specifications without notice.





Frequency Response

Crossover Point



Dimensions (Imperial)

Dimensions (Metric)




Black Ash, Rosewood Veneer

Bi-wire recommended, jumpers provided

1" Silk Dome (Folded Ribbon in Statement)

6 1/4" Treated Paper

42 - 20kHz (42 - 40KHz in Statement)



13 1/2" (H) x 14 1/2" (D) x 8 3/4" (W)

34.5 cm (H) x 37 (D) x 22 (W)

24lb / 10.88KG

5 years