LSA News
May, 2011 - John Atkinson, Editor-in-chief of Stereophile magazine, comments on LSA's system at the AXPONA Show in Atlanta last month, featuring our Standard integrated amp and our LSA1 Statement speakers, ". . . I was impressed by the smoothness of the highs and the low-frequency extension of this nicely finished two-way." Click HERE to see the full post.
March, 2011 - LSA gets "Best Sound of Show" award from M Audio Magazine for our system at the Salon Son and Image Hi-Fi show in Montreal, Canada. Click HERE to connect to Liberty Trading's website and scroll down to see the award.
March, 2011 - Robert Harley, Editor-in-chief of the Absolute Sound, includes the LSA1 Statement speakers in his "Best of Show" column from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Seen on page 60 of the February issue, Harley states the speakers "... sounded far better than any $2600-a-pair loudspeaker should. This small two-way had exceptional dynamics, surprisingly deep bass extension, great image focus, and a smooth and extended treble courtesy of the ribbon tweeter."

October, 2010 - LSA Group generates positive buzz at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Click HERE to go to the Stereophile site, scroll down the left side of the page, click on RMAF 2010, and go to the 3rd page for a photo and comments of our system.

August, 2010 - New review of LSA Home Theater 5.0 system in The Perfect Vision on Click HERE to link to this insightful review by Editor-in-Chief Chris Martens.
January, 2009 - CES Report

LSA Group was proud to release two brand new products at CES 2009: the LSA1IC in-ceiling speakers, and the LSA1OW on-walls.

The LSAIC in-ceiling speakers possess the same revelatory nature which is characteristic of the entire LSA line. Expect highly natural tonality with the convenience of being highly custom-friendly.

The LSA1OW's are based on the LSA1 monitors, with exceptional audio performance, and are a virtual Swiss Army Knife in the world of onwall monitors. Considered a 'tripolar' speaker, the LSA1OW can function as a 2-way, bipolar or dipolar surround speaker, with two simple switches in front to make setup easy. They are also shallow enough to flank a flatscreen tv.

So if you have been deliberating whether to purchase a 2-way, bipolar or dipolar surround speaker, the answer is 'yes' - the LSA1OW. Both models are readily available through your local audio shop. Please contact LSA for dealer referrals.

January, 2008 - CES Report

This year's CES was a wonderful success for the LSA group. The star of our show was the new LSA1 Statement monitors, which retail at $2500/pr. In addition to playing in our own suite, we had the privilege of being featured in the FIM (First Impressions Music) suite where Winston Ma's holigraphic recordings were conveyed by our Statement integrated amplifier and Statement LSA1 monitors.

The LSA1 Statements feature a premium quality folded ribbon tweeter and a re-invented crossover network, including massive air core inductor on the mid-bass driver.

LSA Statement Tube/Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

LSA1 Statement (left) and LCR Standard (right)


October, 2007 - CEDIA, Denver: LSA1IW Unveiled, LSA Monitor Extolled!

It's finally here!

As promised, the LSA1IW features The same mid-bass driver as the LSA1 monitors, a tweeter attenuation switch, an integrated backbox, pivoting tweeter and tuned ports, and it retails at $750.

Most importantly, though, it shares the same organic tonality of the LSA1 bookshelf monitors. Now, music lovers can have LSA sound from speakers that literally vanish into the listening environment!

Additionally, Electronic House Magazine saw fit to award our $1000/pr LSA1 Monitors their Product of the Year Award. Reprint below:

June 15, 2007 - LSA1 IW In Wall Speaker PRE-ORDER Begins

Since the release of our highly popular and highly acclaimed LSA1 bookshelf speaker, LSA owners and dealers alike have been eagerly, nay ravenously, inquring about an inwall product from us. Satiation is at hand...

LSA has finalized the design and is now taking pre-orders from our dealers for the LSA1 IW. This greatly anticipated product will feature the same mid-bass driver as the LSA1 bookshelf speaker, a pivoting tweeter, a backbox and tuned front ports for enhanced bass response. The speakers will be available in the early fall, and the MSRP is $750.


January, 2007 - CES Report

CES was a wonderful success for LSA, although the high-end suite accommodations were less than desirable. Sound bleeding from room to room was extremely problematic. Fortunately, we had friendly neighbors who were willing to divide the time.

In addition to featuring our production product line, we employed our prototype CD player as our source. The sound was tremendous. We expect to offer a production version late this year.

Countless new contacts were made, and LSA sales territories will continue to expand.

See CES photos below.


September, 2006 - LCR Theater Monitor Unveiled

After many months of R&D, our LCR speaker is now available for purchase. The sizable D-Appolito speaker shares the curved cabinet design of our monitor and tower speakers, and includes a cradle.

The LCR is very versatile and can be usd as a home theater center voice, as mains, or as a full seven speaker compliment.

It is designed to voice match our LSA1 Monitors and LSA2 Towers. MSRP is $750.


April 17, 2006 - John Tucker of Exemplar Audio Appointed VP of Operations

John Tucker, former NASA scientist and veteran audio designer, will be the cheif engineer for the company. John will be performing upgrades and designing new products from his Everett, WA labs.


April 1, 2006 - LSA Reincorporates to Nashville, TN

Not a joke of any sort. LSA Group has relocated its main office to Nashville, TN - Music City USA. Fitting, we think.

Brian Warford has been appointed Vice President of Sales for the company. Brian is bringing to a close a stellar 16-year career as a custom A/V designer for Nicholson's Hi-Fi, a 60 year old Nashville icon reknowned for its fine product offerings and design work.


July, 2005 - LSA Purchases DK Design Group

Struck by the quality and value of the DK product line, LSA founder Larry Staples purchased the DK Design Group including all material and intellectual assets. In time, the DK label will be phased out and replaced by LSA.