LSA Standard Hybrid Integrated Amplifier - $5499

", uncolored and captivating... silky and organic..."

Robert J. Reina, Stereophile, June 2006

Buy LSA Standard Integrated Amplifier

The LSA Group offers a remarkable line of tube/solid state hybrid integrated amplifiers, starting with the very musical Standard amp.

Featuring a striking industrial design, upgraded coupling capacitors, improved speaker binding posts, and a variable line-out for subwoofer connection, these Stereophile Recommended Components are truly giant-killers in the industry.

With advanced vacuum tube circuitry in the pre-amp section and twin toroidal solid-state transformers, this unique amplifier exudes strength and musicality - approximately 78 pounds and 150wpc of it. Complete with phono stage and remote.

LSA reserves the right to change parts and specifications without notice.

Click HERE for the Standard Amp owner's manual.


Rated Power (8Ω)

Total Harmonic Distortion

Recommended Loading Impedance

Frequency Response

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Channel Separation

Input Impedance

Input Sensitivity, Analog

Input Sensitivity, Phono


Dimensions (Imperial)

Dimensions (Metric)



Silver, black accents

≥ 150 wpc

≤ 0.1% (1KHz)


20Hz-32KHz (±1dB)

≥ 90dB

≥ 60dB (1KHz)


≥ 500mv

≥ 4mv

1 balanced, 3 single-end, 1 phono

17" (W ) x 9 1/4 " (H) x 19 1/2" (D)

43 cm (W) x 23.5 (H) x 48 (D)

78lb / 38kg

5 years