SS-26 Monitor Stands - $599/pr

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Stability is everything in the world of top-tier audio performance, and the SS-26 monitor stands truly deliver in that regard. Sensible and elegant, they are the perfect foundation for your monitor speakers.

The top and bottom platforms are joined by two parallel anodized aluminum tubes. The larger, eliptical tube is the primary support which, when loaded with the supplied sand filler, becomes quite inert. The smaller cylindrical tube, located to the rear of the stand, provides additional support.

Thick adhesive pads are supplied to further isolate the speakers while protecting the finish of the underside. Sturdy spikes are also included for increased stability and acoustic decoupling.

Specially engineered to compliment the LSA1 Monitor line, the stability offered by the SS-26 stands will enhance imaging and bass extension while looking fantastic in your home.


Click HERE to view the SS-26 assembly instructions.


Width of base at widest point

Depth of base

Weight (each, filled)






26" / 66cm

12" / 30.5cm

15" / 38cm

20lb / 9.07kg

Black Anodized Aluminum Tubes and Top Plate

Piano Gloss MDF Base