LSA Statement Hybrid Integrated Amplifier - $11,499

"This is an amplifier for grownups." - Positive Fedback

"I was bewitched by the sound..." - Winston Ma, FIM President

Buy LSA Statement Integrated Amplifier

Alice went down a rabbit hole. Neo took the red pill. We made a Statement.

This consummation of  art and engineering features exhaustive application of Active Tube Load circuitry, and a myriad of parts, wiring, and cosmetic upgrades.  

Over and above the Signature upgrades, the Statement upgrades include:

  • Add a transformer to achieve dual mono operation in the preamp section
  • Upgrade coupling capacitors between preamp and amp sections
  • Change configuration of large toroid transformers to achieve dual mono operation in the amplifier section
  • Add proprietary circuit board to achieve separate voltage regulation of input and driver stages of the amplifier section
  • Upgrade amplifier feedback loop parts

These are but the means to the end - an uncompromising approach to bringing the most soulful manifestation of live music into your home.

The LSA Statement is a limited-production amplifier. LSA reserves the right to change parts and specifications without notice.

Click HERE for the Statement amp manual.  


Rated Power (8Ω)

Total Harmonic Distortion

Recommended Loading Impedance

Frequency Response

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Channel Separation

Input Impedance

Input Sensitivity, Analog

Input Sensitivity, Phono


Pre-out, Main-in

Dimensions (Imperial)

Dimensions (Metric)



Black, Wood Accents

≥ 150 wpc

≤ 0.1% (1KHz)


20Hz-32KHz (±1dB)

≥ 90dB

≥ 60dB (1KHz)



≥ 4mv

1 balanced, 3 single-end, 1 phono


17" (W ) x 9 1/4 " (H) x 19 1/2" (D)

43 cm (W) x 23.5 (H) x 48 (D)

78lb / 38kg

5 years