Underwood Hifi purchased the assets of LSA in 2015. At that time we had been selling the products for LSA Factory Direct. We were able to lower the prices once we bought the company and have sold the balance of the inventory over the last few years.

Our goal when we bought the company was to design a line of world class stereo speakers that compete with products selling for 2-3 times our Internet Direct prices. I am happy to say that we have accomplished this. Our targets were other quality monitors selling for $7500.00 and floor speakers that sell for up to $15,000.00 retail. The new LSA-10 Statement will hold its own with any monitor we have heard in the under $7,500 price range. Many companies would sell the LSA-20 Statement at $10,000 and rave about his high value.

We at Living Sounds Audio are musicians and music lovers. We design our speakers in that spirit, to convey the essence of music. Our organic sound seems to soothe even the most hardened audiophiles and has an immediate appeal to music lovers who would otherwise find hair-splitting A-B comparisons quite daunting. You can always expect that anything we put our name on sounds like music.  We then sell our products Internet Direct without any dealer profits to keep the prices to real world numbers.

Our goal is to offer beautiful sound in a beautiful package while avoiding the farthest reaches of the price spectrum. We do this by working with world class manufacturing partners and factory direct prices.

We use all custom parts that were designed just for LSA  use and use unique technologies like XBL2 drivers and customer computer crossover modeling. All speakers are designed and assembled in the USA with parts sourced worldwide. Add to this the final step of critical listening to come up with products that compete at much higher pricing. For many users the only problem is that our products seem to cheap for how good they are. Our references sell for 2-3 times our selling prices.

Seamless integration of the various drivers, and dynamic, uncompressed midrange are characteristic of all of our speakers, bringing vocals and instruments alive in your home. Add to this bass extension that other speakers only dream of and you have speakers that can be listened to for hours with no listener fatigue with full range performance.

Our speakers are available in Signature and Statement editions. Signatures offer superb value while Statement products, in addition to the beautiful hi gloss lacquer cabinet upgrade add our LSA custom Copper/Beryllium tweeters, 8th order more sophisticated crossovers, upgraded crossover parts, better internal wire and improved binding posts. These upgrades add the last 10-20% of performance that audiophiles strive for in price no object products.

Please contact us at 770-667-5633 for an audition. We think you'll agree with our design philosophy - Music First Engineering.