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These speakers expand significantly on the success of the Standard LSA2 cabinet and driver compliment. The Signature improvements are internal, including the following:

  • Upgrade tweeter to Vifa dual ring radiator, flat frequency response past 35 KHz
  • Upgrade crossover capacitors to Dynamicap metalized polypropylene
  • Upgrade internal acoustic treatments from synthetic polyfill to lamb's wool

Increased clarity, openness, bass definition, and inner detail are readily apparent, bringing even greater emotion and realism into your music or theater system.


There are an endless number of 'super performance' loudspeakers on the market, and it seems that he higher the touted performance, the more offensive the appearance of the speakers.

The LSA2 Statement Tower Speakers take exception to that trend by masterfully integrating premium parts in an elegant cabinet that can blend into virtually any living environment.


The LSA-2.1's employ the same tweeter and midrange as the LSA1's with the same fluid integration. They also share the same cabinet radius, albeit with a considerably larger footprint. Vocals are silky and utterly uncompressed.

While the LSA-2.1's match the LSA-1's organic tonality, the added bass driver and larger cabinet volume yield commanding dynamics worthy of larger listening areas.