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The OW Signature capitalizes on the synergies of the existing cabinet a and features a variety of improvements which are done by hand in Everett, WA. First, the tweeter is upgraded to a Vifa dual ring radiator with frequency response well past 35 KHz. All capacitors are upgraded and the internal damping materials are upgraded from dacron filling to real lambs wool. Sonic performance is palpable. Clarity and openness are greatly enhanced, while maintaining the natural tonality which is consistant throughout the LSA line.


LSA is very proud to introduce what may be the most innovative, flexible and best-sounding on-wall speaker currently available – the LSA1OW.

Home theater mavens and audiophiles have long debated the advantages of three main types of surround speaker: directional, bipole and dipole. Which of these approaches did we take?

The answer is… tripole...