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CES Report

LSA Group was proud to release two brand new products at CES 2009: the LSA1IC in-ceiling speakers, and the LSA1OW on-walls.

The LSAIC in-ceiling speakers possess the same revelatory nature which is characteristic of the entire LSA line. Expect highly natural tonality with the convenience of being highly custom-friendly.

The LSA1OW's are based on the LSA1 monitors, with exceptional audio performance, and are a virtual Swiss Army Knife in the world of onwall monitors. Considered a 'tripolar' speaker, the LSA1OW can function as a 2-way, bipolar or dipolar surround speaker, with two simple switches in front to make setup easy. They are also shallow enough to flank a flatscreen tv.

So if you have been deliberating whether to purchase a 2-way, bipolar or dipolar surround speaker, the answer is 'yes' - the LSA1OW. Both models are readily available through your local audio shop. Please contact LSA for dealer referrals.

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