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Our first headphone, LSA HP-1 is a typical LSA product. It offers superb value coupled with great sonics. We searched the world for a quality phone that could offer at a great price to performance deal and are very excited to present the HP-1. They are a version of a $2200.00 pair of marvelous planar phones, The Kennerton Odin 4, made in Russia. We loved their sonics and had them tool our custom aluminum back plates that lower weight by 150 grams over the $2200.00 version. We sell them with our Low Overhead Internet Direct model at only $1,399.00. Compare them to any $2000-$2500.00 competition that we have heard.

See the killer new review in They say:
"The LSA HP-1 is a spectacular planar design that Walter Liederman had the insight to have developed and made under his own Living Sounds Audio brand."
"Once in a long while, a product comes into the listening room that takes hold of me and does not let go. The HP-1 is such a product and has been in constant use since its arrival."
"If you are looking for a well-balanced sound you need to hear how good the HP-1 sounds. The fact that it is offered for so little money makes this one of the best values in personal audio. Dynamics and musicality are what the LSA HP-1 is all about and one of the best headphones I have heard and worthy of reference status. Highly recommended."

See the new first impressions and final review from William Murdock of The Headphone Experience at:
First impressions:
Final review at:

"Good morning Walter!

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the package last week. The LSA-1 headphones were stunning right out of the box! I heard details out of my CD’s that I didn’t even know were there!"

"At this point I have 6 hours in the breakin period. I log numerically the CD I listen to so when I get to 100 I’ll know I’m there. But I have to say that after the 6 hours I am almost hearing a 3D sound. Sometimes I would pull the headphones off because the sound felt like it was coming from ‘outside’ the headphone! Thank you for bringing an incredible headphone (along with an unbelievable price) to the market."

Here are some Odin reviews:

Please note that our phone is significantly lighter and sellling for 40% less than the Odin in the reviews above. It also sounds better as it uses the driver Odin 4 driver. We think a great value.

The HP-1 offers the unique sound so much loved by planar headphones enthusiasts! Stunning detail and clarity combined with powerful and beautifully controlled bass.

The HP-1 uses only  high-quality materials – steel, aluminum, genuine leather and precious wood.


In our eyes, we see the perfect headphone as a cross-breed of the dynamic and electrostatic technologies combined into one. Whereby taking the airy and extremely detailed sound of an electrostatic driver, and combining it with the power and impact of a dynamic transducers. The HP-1 is a sound that’s both natural and engaging.

When we looked at the market to see what our competitors have been producing in the last couple of years, we were surprised to find that the most recent planar magnetic headphones all had the same design and thus also shared the same flaws. This indicated to us that the 25-year old planar magnetic technology hasn’t evolved with time.

Our supplier got to the drawing board and started to make their own drivers from scratch. One of their core goals was to minimize internal structure resonances and optimize sound wave patterns, in order to create clear, low-distortion sound. To achieve this, they created several patent-pending core innovations. Its magnetic structure is designed to eliminate both unwanted resonances, and unify magnetic field distribution over the total frequency range.


The drivers are solely designed and produced in Russia, which involves a facility that also works for the aerospace and military industries, which ensures the highest quality and durability of our headphones.

  • A new 80mm planar-magnetic driver, with every aspect of this technology being implemented, such as phase coherence, flat impedance and a low-mass diaphragm.
  • Multi-layer 10µm polyimide film diaphragm, tested to have the highest reliability and longevity in the most extreme environmental conditions.
  • FEM-Optimized Magnet System with 10 neodymium magnets arranged in symmetric push-pull configuration.
  • Unique semicircular bar magnets.
  • A semicircular form therefore has many advantages over the ordinary rectangular shaped bar magnets: It gives a more uniform magnetic field, greatly reduces internal resonances and produces an optimal sound.
  • The driver allows greater sensitivity, thanks to its powerful magnets and low-mass diaphragm. It can therefore be easily driven by portable devices.

We aimed for reliability and durability along with great sound.

Aerospace grade aluminum and steel is used.

Quality wooden hi gloss earcups are used.

Complete absence of any plastic parts.


  • Aerospace grade aluminum and steel.
  • High-quality wooden ear-cups.


  • A strap-design headband which allows even weight distribution over your head.
  • Fine lambskin leather.
  • Soft ear pads, that creates a comfortable listening experience.

2 year warranty

Frequency response: 15 Hz – 50 Khz
Impedance: 40 Ohm ± 5%
Sensitivity: 104 dB / 1 mW
Driver size: 80 mm
Driver type: Planar magnetic
Diaphragm: Metallized polyimide @ 8 µm
Magnet System: Symmetric push-pull
Magnet material: NdFeB

LSA HP-2 Ultra

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The new HP-2 Ultra is our breakthrough in an affordable under $1000.00 headphone. It is an upgrade to the Kennerton Magni that has been out for about 2 years. It will be called the Kennerton Gjallarhorn. This new $1200.00 Kennerton phone uses a superb new horn loaded 40 mm driver with a bio-cellulose and paper membrane. The original Kennerton Magni received great reviews and our new upgraded HP-2 Ultra version is dramatically better.

The new driver is a compression design, i.e., its membrane has an extremely soft suspension and additionally relies on the elasticity of the air volume of the acoustic chamber, represented by the earphone cup. This is done to lower the resonant frequency of the dynamics, and accordingly the depth of reproduced low frequencies. This feature makes the speaker extremely responsive to any slightest change in acoustic design, its volume and filling. In addition, the membrane requires 75-100 hours of play for full break in. As it plays the suspension softens and gives you the corect bass output. Once broken in the results are superb and make the LP-2 Ultra the best under $1000.00 phone that we have ever heard. The HP-2 Ultra headphone is an easy 33-ohm load and 105dB efficient.

The LP-2 Ultra uses a steel headband with a minimum of moving parts, which means maximum reliability. The headphone cups are made of real wood that are not only beautiful and just pleasant to touch, but also bring warm and natural notes to the sound of the headphones, eliminating the intrusive “plastic” overtones of competitors’ models. Lightweight design, self-adapting to the user’s head and genuine leather ear cushions provide the highest comfort for long-time listening.

The kit includes a nice eco-leather case for a safe storing and carrying the headphones.

Specifications and the contents of delivery are subject to change without notice.