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LSA-10 Statement

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LSA (Living Sounds Audio) is proud to introduce the new LSA 10 loudspeakers. Upgrading the original LSA speakers was our goal with the intro of this new line. Reviews of the original LSA-1 and LSA-2 speakers were all excellent and they set a performance standard in their price ranges. Our goal was to set a new standard in affordable Internet Direct loudspeakers and compete with far more expensive products. To that end we gave Dan Wiggins and his team a free hand in the design with their mission being to offer far more value than the original speakers. These new models go lower, have better dynamics and transparency, and image better, while keeping the LSA legendary musicality with greater resolution. The new LSA-10 Statement raises the bar in affordable state of the art monitor and competes with more expensive high-end speakers at factory direct pricing. Our goal was to outperform our favorite $7,750.00 monitors. We think we have accomplished this goal and are extremely proud of these new speakers.

The new LSA custom speakers use Dan’s patented XBL2 Motor structures to lower distortion with greater bass extension and midrange/high frequency resolution. The XBL2 Motor structure reduces low frequency distortion by keeping a linear BL even at high output levels. X-max (woofer excursion) is significantly increased as well for greater bass extension in smaller boxes.

The LSA10 Statements come in our beautiful upgraded Rosewood lacquer finish.

The LSA-10 Statement monitor uses a custom LSA 1” copper beryllium dome tweeter with a compact neodymium XBL2 magnet structure and a shallow waveguide to better integrate with the woofer, a single custom LSA black anodized aluminum 6.5” XBL2 woofer, and a single rear mounted 5” x 7” sub bass radiator. Other standard upgrades include a sophisticated 8th order linear phase acoustic crossover topology with state of the art crossover components and hand selected internal cable. Upgraded binding posts are of red copper. The LSA-10 Statement has an in-room response from 32 Hz to 30 kHz +/-3dB, an 83dB sensitivity with a easy to drive 10-ohm impedance allowing them to work with 40 watt amps or higher. The LSA-10 Statement uses a magnetically attached grille. Projected retail is $3,495.00/pr


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