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LSA-20 Statement

LSA sells a line of world class stereo speakers that compete with products selling for 2-3 times our Internet Direct selling prices. We use a world class design team with all custom drivers and state of the art technology combining real science with critical listening to deliver unsurpassed performance for the money. Our speakers are designed in the USA with parts sourced worldwide. We offer a 30 day trial on our speakers.

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LSA (Living Sounds Audio) is proud to introduce the new LSA 20 loudspeakers. Upgrading the original LSA speakers was our goal with the intro of this new line. Reviews of the original LSA-1 and LSA-2 speakers were all excellent. Our goal was to set a new standard in affordable Internet Direct loudspeakers and compete with far more expensive products. To that end we gave Dan Wiggins and his team a free hand in the design with their mission being to offer far more value than the original speakers. These new models go lower, have better dynamics and transparency, offer better neutrality, image better, while keeping the LSA legendary musicality with greater resolution. The new LSA-20 Statement raises the bar in affordable state of the art floor speakers and competes with far more expensive high-end speakers at factory direct pricing.

Real photo of first speaker we opened