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The 'voice matched' center channel has been a fairly elusive thing in the audio industry. We can think of countless manufacturers of quality speakers whose center voice speakers sound nothing like the rest of the family. Furthermore, most center or LCR speakers would make very undesirable music monitors. We find this odd and unfortunate, so we decided to do things differently.

Form and function intersect in our very versatile LCR monitor. The LSA LCR is built on a solid music foundation but is fashioned for home theater use. Stereo and theater performance are excellent.



Designed to compliment our LSA1 or LSA2 Statement speakers, or to be a collection of five or seven premium theater monitors, the LCR Statement offers supreme realism to your home theater. The totally rebuilt crossover boasts Auricap capacitors, Mills wire-wound resistors, lambs wool damping and a massive 12 gauge air core ribbon inductor. The 1" silk dome tweeter is replaced by a folded ribbon transducer. The result is a world class theater monitor which can perform with effortlessness and immediacy across the sound spectrum.


The LCR Signature monitor capitalizes on the synergies of the existing cabinet a and features a variety of improvements which are done by hand in Everett, WA. First, the tweeter is upgraded to a Vifa dual ring radiator with frequency response well past 35 KHz. All capacitors are upgraded and the internal damping materials are upgraded from dacron filling to real lambs wool. Sonic performance is palpable. Clarity and openness are greatly enhanced, while maintaining the natural tonality which is consistant throughout the LSA line.